The Pros and Cons Of Selling Your Home To A “We Buy Houses” Company In Acton MA

Aug 28, 2020

We buy houses in Acton Massachusetts. Whether you’re a first-time home seller or not, you want to consider all of your options before you commit to anything. You might have come across one of our “We Buy Houses Fast in MA” or “Cash for Your MA House” signs, and you want to know how we can help you. Perhaps you just don’t want to deal with any real estate agents, or maybe you want or need an immediate sale. Whatever the reason is, I’ll tell you — without bias! — the pros and cons of selling your house to homebuyers in Massachusetts.

Pro — All-Cash Offers For Your Acton Home

Have you finally found a buyer interested in buying your house, but a few weeks later, you find out that they didn’t qualify for financing, or that the bank appraisal was too low? Of course, this is never a good experience, and suddenly, selling your MA house gives you more unnecessary stress than you expected. When you sell your Massachusetts house to legitimate property buyers in MA, you don’t need to worry about the deal falling through because they pay with their own cash!

Con — Below Market Value Offers For Your Acton Property

The complaint that sellers often have when selling to a direct buyer in Massachusetts is that the offers are usually below market value. But don’t let that turn you off without first finding out why! There is actually a good reason behind this, and it is because investors take a bigger risk by purchasing your house as-is. You may not realize how many repairs your home really needs, but most of the time, there are a lot — and they’ll take care of all of those for you. Plus, they’ll even pay all closing costs for you!

Pro — Sell Your Acton MA House AS-IS

As I’ve said above, real estate investors in Massachusetts will usually buy your house as-is. Buyers on the traditional market will always require you to fix and update your house before you can close the deal. But with a direct home buyer in MA, you don’t need to worry about making repairs or paying for any additional expenses which you might not have the funds for. Massachusetts property buyers will truly buy your house as it is, no matter how old, outdated, or damaged your property is.

Pro — Fast Closings In Massachusetts

Do you need immediate cash or are you just unwilling or unable to wait for months on end just to sell your Massachusetts house? Direct home buyers will buy your MA house for cash, and you will choose when you close. That’s right — you choose the closing date! You can close within days or even weeks away if that’s what you choose. You don’t need to wait for any bank approvals once a direct home buyer is interested in your home!

Pro — Stay After Closing In Acton

There’s no need to move out before you sell your home. In fact, unlike with a real estate agent, you can arrange for you to stay in your home even after closing. Most direct home buyers will allow you a move-out timeframe after closing so that you can relocate at your own pace. You won’t even have to clean your entire house — you can just take the things you need and leave the rest!

Pro — Little To No Risk In MA

Selling to a legitimate home buyer in Massachusetts is simple and straightforward. Usually, they will have the entire process laid out for you, and they’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. Professional home buyers will always be upfront with you regarding what both parties will receive. Since they are investors, they always look for win-win agreements. You can always make sure that you’re receiving a fair offer by looking at their How It Works page!

Sell My House In Acton MA

Now, you know some of the biggest pros and cons of selling your house to a “We Buy Houses” company in MA. Whether you’re tired of the endless waiting for a buyer or whether you just need to sell your house fast, we can help you!

Sell your house in Massachusetts directly to us and avoid the unnecessary stress that comes with long waiting periods and selling on the traditional market! There’s no need to wait for months hoping that a buyer will be interested in purchasing your home. Keep more money in your pocket by making no repairs and paying no agent commissions! Our team of expert MA home buyers pays cash for houses in Acton MA as-is and in any condition, no matter what the situation is!

If you need to sell your Massachusetts home fast, fill in our form on the link below, give us a call at (978) 228-1068, or visit our homepage for more information. We’ll answer any questions you may have, and we promise we’ll always be honest, upfront, and fair with you!

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