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Sell your house stress-free

Selling a home can be a stressful and time-consuming process. The added burden of making costly repairs to your home before you can list it adds stress and financial burden. We can give you a cash offer for your home, regardless of condition.

Sell your house stress-free

The Kind Of Houses We Buy

Foundation Issues

Water Or Fire Damage

Roof Damage

Defective Septic System

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Property Repair Prices Have Skyrocketed

We all know about the increase in the cost of buying a home. There is also a huge increase in the cost of repairing a home. Coinciding with the pandemic, material suppliers couldn’t keep up with the increase in demand for building materials. The strong real estate market, population growth, and stimulus checks all played a role in shortages.

The labor market couldn’t keep up with the demand either. Skilled labor is a crucial component of property repairs, and labor costs have been rising due to factors like increased demand for construction workers, labor shortages, and the need for specialized skills in areas such as plumbing and electrical work.

Inflation is the last nail in the coffin.

You add all of these factors together, and you get an overwhelming situation. Luckily, you can make this someone else’s problem by selling your home to a cash homebuyer like New England Home Buyers. We’ll buy your home as-is regardless of condition.

A Better Way To Sell Your House

Remove the stress from your life with our efficient 3-step house selling process.

Tell us about your home


Tell Us About Your Home

Fill out our form and share some details about your property.

Schedule a walkthrough


Schedule a Walkthrough

We’ll schedule a walkthrough with you, and will then make you a fair cash offer for your property in its current condition!

Close on your schedule


Close on Your Schedule

New England Homebuyers enables you to close your sale in a schedule that works for you.


Our Offer = After-Repair Value-Cost of Repairs-Selling Costs

Let us break the formula down for you in simpler terms.

ARV (After-Repair Value) – This is the market price of your home after we buy it, fix it and go to sell it. This price is calculated based on the recent sales of similar houses in your neighborhood.

COR (Cost Of Repairs) – This is the amount that we estimate that it will cost us to fix your house after we buy it to get it to market value. This can include a new roof, siding, kitchen and bath remodels, electrical and plumbing updates, painting, flooring, etc. Buyers expect renovated homes to be brought back to life to match the modern homes in the neighborhood and we must make the necessary updates to keep them happy!

SC (Selling Costs) – This is the amount it will cost us when we resell your house after we fix it. When we resell your house we will have to pay those ugly realtor commissions and closing costs that you avoided by selling to us. We also factor in our minimum profit here as well. Unfortunately, we are a business and need to make money to keep helping homeowners in time of need!

See What Sellers Say About Us

“Communication was great and they helped each step of the way. Couldn’t imagine any easier or simpler way to sell my house. This company was a lifesaver and I would definetely recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much!”

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