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Our Offer = After-Repair Value-Cost of Repairs-Selling Costs

Let us break the formula down for you in simpler terms.

ARV (After-Repair Value) – This is the market price of your home after we buy it, fix it and go to sell it. This price is calculated based on the recent sales of similar houses in your neighborhood.

COR (Cost Of Repairs) – This is the amount that we estimate that it will cost us to fix your house after we buy it to get it to market value. This can include a new roof, siding, kitchen and bath remodels, electrical and plumbing updates, painting, flooring, etc. Buyers expect renovated homes to be brought back to life to match the modern homes in the neighborhood and we must make the necessary updates to keep them happy!

SC (Selling Costs) – This is the amount it will cost us when we resell your house after we fix it. When we resell your house we will have to pay those ugly realtor commissions and closing costs that you avoided by selling to us. We also factor in our minimum profit here as well. Unfortunately, we are a business and need to make money to keep helping homeowners in time of need!

Here is an example

Joe wants to sell his house fast for cash in Massachusetts because his job is relocating him next week. He calls us and schedules a time for us to come over and meet with him. Joe lets us know that he works over 60 hours a week and never had time to keep up with his house. His house hasn’t been updated in over 30 years and in need of some real loving. After meeting with Joe, learning his needs and inspecting the property, we are able to calculate our offer.

Now lets look at the numbers…

ARV (After-Repair Value)

Joe owns a beautiful colonial built in the early 1900’s. The house still has its original charm, but has clear signs of being over 100 years old. Based on the recent sales of similar homes in the neighborhood we calculate an ARV of $300,000. This is what his home will be worth after we fix it up.

COR (Cost Of Repairs)

We were able to get a rough estimate of what it will cost to repair Joe’s home when we did a walk thru with him. In order for us to bring Joe’s house back to life we estimate the COR to be $80,000.

SC (Selling Costs)

When we go to resell Joe’s house we will have to pay a number of fees at closing. This will include realtor commissions, attorney fees, recording fees, taxes and our minimum profit. We typically estimate our SC to be about 20% of the ARV.

So what does this mean Joe’s offer will be?

Our Offer = After-Repair Value – Cost of Repairs – Selling Costs

$160,000 = $300,000 – $80,000 – $60,000

Our Offer = $160,000 & We will close in 7 Days!

But Wait…

What if Joe’s house only needed $30,000 in repairs? His offer would now jump to $210,000! There are a lot of factors that can change the amount that we can offer you. We made a promise to be open and honest with all homeowners and we will give you our best offer and explain to you how we got there. We run into many risks when we purchase a house and we always need to make sure that the offer is a WIN-WIN for the homeowner and us. There are many companies that make many promises and never back them up. We don’t do business like that. We honor all commitments and promise to always have your best interest at heart when making offers!

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Let us answer some important questions for you

Who are we?

I’m Shad, owner of New England Home Buyers. My team and I have been investing in real estate for over a decade. Over the years, we have helped many homeowners sell their houses fast. We understand that life is unpredictable and circumstances can change overnight. We are here as a resource for you and to help guide you in the right direction. We have built our business on HONESTY and TRUST and have always put homeowners first!

What do we do?

We buy houses in Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Maine and fix them up and sell them to new homeowners. We take pride in what we do and strive to better the local communities around us. We understand what is most important for homeowners and will do our best to always help first.

Do you need to make any repairs?

Nope! We buy houses in the current condition which means you do not need to clean or repair anything inside your house. After we close, our team will go clean, renovate and fix up the property.

How fast can we close?

We buy houses with our own cash which means we can close within 48 hours of presenting you with an offer. The typical closing is about 7 days, but we work on your schedule. You tell us what the ideal timeframe is for you and we will make it happen!

What fees do you have to pay at closing?

Zero! We pay all of the closing costs for you. You just show up and put cash in your pocket. We pay all fees that a seller would typically pay in a traditional real estate transaction.

Now the most important question…

Will we give you a low-ball offer?

Absolutely, NOT! Many investors get a bad rep for trying to “steal houses” from homeowners who are desperate to sell. We do our best to provide a WIN-WIN situation with homeowners. The price we offer is based on a calculation that we will explain below. If our offer works for you, Great! If not then we will always be a resource that you can utilize.

Now you know how it works. Get your cash offer today!

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