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Mobile homes are structures built in a factory on a permanently attached chassis before being transported to the site, either by being towed or by placing it on a trailer. Mobile homes can be used as permanent homes, or for a holiday or temporary accommodation. Mobile homes are often permanently or semi-permanently left in one place, but some people also use them as a home on the road when they travel.

Advantages Of Owning A Mobile Home in MA & NH

  • Pay Less For More — Mobile homes are more affordable than traditional homes. The average mortgage in the United States is $1,030, while you can get into a double-wide mobile home for $350 and a monthly lot fee that’s less than that!
  • Luxury — Since you’re spending less on a mobile home, you have the option to afford more luxury items that the factory can install for you. That means you can pursue hardwood flooring, granite countertops, and upgraded fixtures to whatever your budget allows. Each upgrade comes at an additional cost, but it is one that most households can manage without difficulty.
  • Financing — By setting your mobile home onto a permanent slab, you can qualify for FHA, VA, and conventional mortgage options when choosing a mobile home for your family. Your lender will let you know about the specific requirements they want you to manage as part of the lending process.
  • Flexible — You can choose to set your mobile home on a foundation or keep it on a trailer. You can keep your mobile home on a trailer to use on the road as you travel, but you can also choose to set it on a foundation if you’d prefer to stay in a location for a long time.
  • Energy Efficient — You’ll find appliances, windows, and insulation all work together to reduce your utility costs. In mobile homes, you can have water-saving fixtures installed by the factory, LED lighting, and other modern features that promote the affordability of this lifestyle.

Disadvantages Of Owning A Mobile Home in MA & NH

  • Value Depreciates Quickly — Because mobile homes are personal property, not real property (land and anything attached to it permanently), their value depreciates quickly — similar to a new car once bought. Traditional homes normally appreciate in value over time because the value of the land it’s built on grows in value.
  • Smaller Than Most Houses — The average size of a mobile home is about 20% smaller than what you’ll find with a traditional home. Most homes in this category are between 600 to 1,300 square feet in size, but all of them must be 18 feet wide or less to be called a mobile home. They must also be 90 feet or less in length.
  • You Need To Own Land Or Rent It — Most people who live in a mobile home will rent a lot for their new house. That means you don’t own the land, but you do have ownership over the structure. If you have your own land that you want to use for a mobile home, then it must have utility services available to complete the installation.
  • Not Easy To Resell — Mobile homes are hard to resell especially when located in a mobile home park. Because they are relatively immobile after being set up, unless the buyer wants to keep the mobile home where it is, finding a buyer can be a challenge. It can cost several thousand dollars to move a mobile home.
  • More Prone To Damage — Mobile homes are usually placed on temporary foundations. During a natural disaster, like an earthquake or severe storm, mobile homes can be more prone to damage.

Moving To A Mobile Home In MA or NH?

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